Community Center Exploration

Since late 2015, the Community Center Committee has been exploring the idea of a central gathering place within our community. The committee has provided information, sought feedback, and performed countless hours of research – all of which has been shared with the residents of Hillsmere via meeting minutes (both Board & General meetings) and articles in the Sea Breeze. Please see the right side bar for links to past communication.

In 2016, HSIA mailed a survey to all Hillsmere Shores property owners, using a mailing list provided by Anne Arundel County Property Tax division. The survey was also available online from May 5, 2016 – June 15, 2016.  The survey was conducted to gauge the resident’s interest in a Community Center (aka Club House). 360 residents completed the survey (176 online, 184 postal mail).

2016 HSIA Survey Results

HSIA CC Survey (Mailed Copy)

Frequently Asked Questions about the *PROPOSED* Community Center


  • How much would the proposed Community Center cost?

Not to exceed $750,000.00, to be paid for by an increase in special taxes and current HSIA funds.

  • What would it cost each Hillsmere resident?

It will increase everyone’s special taxes by NO more than $50 each year.

  • Has any consideration been given as to how this may impact residents that own 2 lots?

The HSIA Board is aware that this is a concern and is looking at ways to alleviate this concern.

  • How late will the proposed Community Center be open?

HSIA Board will decide, based on feedback from Community Center Committee and Residents on Great Lake and Harbor Drives.

  • Will people outside of Hillsmere be allowed to rent it?


  • If the proposed Community Center is built, what will it cost annually to run?

    • Based on researching neighboring communities, it may cost approximately $20K yearly (this includes insurance, maintenance, heat and lighting)
    • Any annual cost may be offset by event rentals and the current expenses that we pay to maintain the White House that is currently on the site
  • What might the interior of the proposed Community Center look like?

A “Great Room”, Administrative office and kitchen, with much of the lower level initially unfinished and open.

  • What types of activities might be held at the proposed Community Center?

This is something that will ultimately be decided by the residents; suggestions that have already been made include book club meetings, arts and crafts, day care, birthday parties, community holiday celebrations, HSIA Board Meetings, etc.

  • What about Parking? Where would it go and how much would there be?

County Law requires 1 parking space for every 3 people. Ex: a building accommodating 200 people requires 66 parking spaces. We are working with the engineer to keep as much green space as possible. At this point we think we can accomplish this by having the county take into consideration pool parking and the area that is used for swim meets.

  • Have other sites (other than the pool) in the community been considered for the proposed Community Center?

Yes. Ex – the Beach Park. In talking with our Engineer and Architect, the beach park site limited us because it is in a flood zone, water hazards and because of these reasons would be cost prohibitive to insure. Also, there is not enough area at the beach to accommodate a building that would fit our needs and provide the necessary parking.

Proposed Community Center Q&A

July 2017 Community Center Survey Comments

July 2017 Community Center Survey Results

HSIA Community Center Feedback Form

Print a copy of the 2017 HSIA Community Center Survey

NOTE: For information purposes only. The survey closed 7/27/2017.

HSIA CCC Preliminary Concept Presentation from March 9 2017 General Meeting

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