Join the Pool

Membership Plans and Requirements

The following membership plans are available to property owners and residents of Hillsmere whose households join the Hillsmere Shores Improvement Association (HSIA); and to Black Walnut Cove residents:

  • Family Membership – allows any permanent resident of a household to use the pool facility.

  • Adult Membership (18 years or older)

  • Youth Membership (17 years or younger) – can only be purchased in conjunction with one or more related Adult Memberships

Family memberships allow up to six (6) family members residing at the same address.  One (1) caregiver may be added to the family membership as part of your “family”.   Families with over six (6) members (including one (1) caregiver) must pay $25 fee for each additional member.

All fees, including HSIA Membership or Black Walnut Cove Surcharge, must be received prior to issuing Membership Cards. The Primary Member must sign a Request and Release statement and, if applicable, a Child Attendance Waiver (found on 2nd page of membership form).

2019 Hillsmere Resident Pool Membership Form


2019 BWC Resident Pool Membership Form

Hillsmere Resident Membership Rates

Membership Type Postmarked by May 1st Postmarked between May 2nd  – July 1st
Family $500 $550
Adult $195 $225
Youth $100 $125
Fee per person over 6 members $25 $25
Guest Pass – one (1) per guest per day $5 $5

Memberships and payment received on or before Come And Get It Day  (Saturday, February 9, 2019) will receive (2) seasonal guest cards with Family memberships and (1) seasonal guest card with Adult memberships.  Each seasonal guest card is good for the complimentary admittance of one (1) guest per day.

  • Membership forms and payment must be received before Friday, May 24th to ensure processing prior to Memorial Weekend.

  • Membership forms will not be processed between 5/23-28. Make sure your membership cards are ready and waiting for you on opening day – don’t wait to join! 

  • POOL MEMBERSHIP CLOSES TO HILLSMERE RESIDENTS ON JULY 1ST.  Memberships will not be accepted after July 1st.


Black Walnut Cove Membership Rates

HSIA has allotted a total of 25 Pool memberships (family, individual, or youth) to BWC.  BWC Pool memberships will be accepted on a first come-first served basis and will close to BWC residents once the 25 Pool membership cap is reached or on May 1st, whichever is sooner.  BWC Pool memberships will not be accepted postmarked after May 1st.   BWC members are not eligible for early sign up incentives.

Membership Type

Postmarked by May 1st

Memberships not accepted after May 1st
Family $600 NA
Adult $275 NA
Youth $150 NA
Fee per person over 6 members $25 NA
Guest Pass – one (1) per guest per day $5 NA
Black Walnut Cove Surcharge $50 NA