HSIA Job Announcement – Property Manager

HSIA is seeking a Property Manager. Duties would include:

  • Communication, to include interfacing with Board members, Committee Chairs, HSIA Administrator, Webmaster and Newsletter Editor; reporting on existing and newly established projects; communication forum with the neighborhood through the newsletter and HSIA email.
  • Contracts – lead the coordination of existing maintenance contracts, establish new contracts based on Board defined objectives and oversee miscellaneous property management initiatives.
  • Special Project Management and Construction – assist in the management and construction of Special Projects
  • Neighborhood Monitoring – continuously monitor our neighborhood for deviations and irregularities to current HSIA Guidelines, Rules & Regulations. This will include monitoring of approved building permits and reporting of any non-approved building activities.
  • Please click the following link to see a full job description of the HSIA Property Manager

HSIA Property Manager Job Description

Applicants can send their resume by email to admin@hillsmereshores.org or by postal mail to HSIA, P.O. Box 3485, Annapolis, MD 21403 by no later than April 30, 2023

Marina News & Notes

  • The porta-potty has been returned to the Marina. What a relief!

  • The Marina Water System was re-activated on Monday March 20th, and a few leaks that resulted were repaired in the process.

  • The Marina Pump Out System is also now operational, with a lock operated by the “MARINA” key that also opens the dock cart lock.

  • Ice eater removal and cleaning is scheduled for Monday April 3rd, weather permitting.

    Spring is coming!

Community Drop Box Re-Installed

The community dropbox has been reinstalled at the community house at 119 Great Lake Drive.  The box is located to the left of the garage.  Mail is picked up a few times a week.

Special Presentation @ HSIA General Membership Meeting, Jan 12 @ 7pm

We need all Hillsmere residents to be aware of a proposed major project at Quiet Waters Park (QWP). This will impact you.

There will be a presentation of the proposed development at QWP. The Chesapeake Conservancy is proposing to build a 2-story private office building with a footprint of 8,000 sq ft. There will be 1.89 acres of forest destroyed. The plan is that the construction vehicles will enter the construction site through Hillsmere via Harbor and Forest Hills Drive.

More details about this project will be provided at the meeting. Please attend and let your voices be heard. The meeting starts at 7pm at Key School’s Katharine Hall.