HSIA Committees

The HSIA Board of Directors has the following standing committees with specific areas of responsibility:

Special Committees


Additional Community Representatives

Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation Representative

Anne Arundel Community Cat Coalition

Key School Liaison


Committee – Chairperson – Contact



Beach – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Responsible for playground equipment, pavilions, and other equipment at the Hillsmere Community Beach. Addresses safety issues, major repairs, and new equipment purchases.

Building Permits – Bill Schrott – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Issues HSIA building permits. Investigates construction to ensure permits are applied for and work is in compliance with HSIA requirements. More information here.

Budget – Gene Gross – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Assists each committee chairperson to create an annual budget. Prepares a recommended budget for board and community approval.

View Treasurer’s Reports

Bylaws – Mike Wurst – [email protected]

This special committee will examine the current HSIA bylaws, solicit suggested changes from the membership, and prepare a list of recommended changes.

View HSIA Bylaws

Communications – Mike Wurst – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Directs communications activities.

Community House – Robin Clark – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Responsible for HSIA owned house on the corner of Harbor Drive and Great Lake Drive (119 Great Lake Drive).

Events & Activities – Helene Raven – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Plans special community events such as Halloween Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, Community Yard Sale, etc.

Environmental – Kevin Green – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Works with county on issues relating to storm water runoff, pollution, and other environmental issues. Works with residents to encourage initiatives such as rain barrels and composting.

AACO Watershed Protection and Restoration Program

AACO Watershed Stewards Academy

Nominations – Mike Wurst – [email protected]  – 410-263-4456*

Administrative Officer for ballot preparation. Supervises collection and counting of ballots at election meeting and announces results.

Piers & Harbors – Steve Vanderbosch – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Manages the marina, sand spit, additional piers, ramps, harbors, and boat storage areas. Responsibilities include slip arrangements, issuance of keys, maintenance, improvements, contingency planning, leases, and contracts.

Pool – Danielle Franz – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Manages the Hillsmere Community Pool. Responsibilities include working with the pool management company, suggesting changes to the pool rules and policies, preparing pool membership cards & passes, organizing volunteers for pool maintenance & work days, planning pool holiday parties, and working with the Hillsmere Hammerheads Swim Team.

Security – Peggy Tippett – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Manages police patrols. Identifies security issues and works with police to correct problems. Manages locking of gate to beach and marina.

Shoreline Conservation and Protection Committee – Kevin Green – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Traffic – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

2011 City of Annapolis Traffic Study for Quiet Waters Preserve

Anne Arundel County DPW Bureau of Highways

Anne Arunel County DPW Important Phone Numbers

Anne Arundel County Snow Removal Procedures

Welcoming/Membership – Christy Hollywood & Emily Doyle – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Works with HSIA Administrator to process membership applications (as needed). Encourages current community residents to join HSIA. Contacts new residents to welcome to community and discuss HSIA membership.

Would you like to welcome a new neighbor? Contact us to find out how! [email protected]

Zoning & Covenants – Claire Corcoran – [email protected] – 410-263-4456*

Investigates complaints of zoning, covenant, and/or HSIA rules violations. Attempts to resolve complaints by contacting violator. Files complaints with authorities when necessary. Follows-up on all complaints to ensure they are resolved.

HSIA Covenants

HSIA Zoning and Covenants Committee Principles

HSIA Zoning and Covenants Committee Mission and Vision

*HSIA 24-hour voicemail

Additional Special Representatives

Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation Representative – Ray Sullivan – 410-263-4456*

Acts as a representative of the HSIA Board of Directors. Attends ANPF meetings, monitors issues and initiatives, and reports to the HSIA board.  More information about the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation

Anne Arundel Community Cat Coalition – Carolyn Kilborn – 202-384-3051 (texts only)

The Anne Arundel Community Cats Coalition is a group of concerned citizens joined together to help manage our counties feral cats through TNR. Visit Anne Arundel Community Cats on Facebook for more information.

Key School Liaison – Kate Austin – [email protected] – 443-321-7811

Acts as a representative of the Key School to the HSIA Board of Directors. Works to mediate and resolve issues related to Key School activities, students, staff, parents, and facilities. Keeps HSIA Board informed of school activities that will affect the community. Visit Key School.