HSIA Board of Directors

The HSIA Board of Directors consists of four officers and seven directors.
The officers and directors are elected in alternating years and serve two year terms.

The Board meets on the last Thursday of every month, in rooms 101/102 of
Key School’s Science & Library Center. All are welcome to attend, however,
guests are not permitted to participate in the meeting unless recognized by the Board.

General meetings are held bi-monthly, on the second Thursday, in Key School’s
Barn Commons and are open to all residents to attend and participate.
Please note, only current, paid members may vote. 

Interactive Map of Key School Campus

2019 Schedule of Meetings

HSIA Board of Director Meetings
January 31 – February 28 – March 28 – April 25 – May 30 – June 27 -July 25 – August 29 – September 26 – October 31 – November 21 – December 19

HSIA General Membership Meetings 
January 11 – March 14 – May 9 – July 11 – September 12 – November 14*
(*Board of Directors Election)
Questions? Concerns? Contact the Board

Current Officers 2019 – 2020

To leave a message for any of the HSIA Officers listed below, please call HSIA’s 24-hour voice mail, 410-263-4456.
President – Mike Waters, president@hillsmereshores.net
Vice President – Dave Miles, vicepresident@hillsmereshores.net
Secretary – Mike Wurst, secretary@hillsmereshores.net
Treasurer – Gene Gross, treasurer@hillsmereshores.net

Current Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

To leave a message for any of the HSIA Board Members listed below, please call HSIA’s 24-hour voice mail, 410-263-4456.
Marilyn Carpenter, carpenter@hillsmereshores.net
Claire Corcoran, corcoran@hillsmereshores.net
Robin Clark Eilenberg, clark@hillsmereshores.net
Brian Gallagher, gallagher@hillsmereshores.net
Phil Jones, jones@hillsmereshores.net
Ray Sullivan, sullivan@hillsmereshores.net
Steve Vanderbosch, vanderbosch@hillsmereshores.net

Services Compensated
Administrator – Jean Somers, admin@hillsmereshores.net
Treasurer’s Assistant – Jim Schwallenberg
Property Manager – VACANT
Sea Breeze Editor – Kelly Ann Pavkov, seabreeze@hillsmereshores. net