Boat Park Rules & Regulations

Revised 01/25/2018

Boat Park

The Boat Park is located at 614 Beach Drive and provides a location for eligible residents of Hillsmere Shores to store small boats and trailers subject to availability, payment of the annual fee, and providing required documentation (current Maryland (or USCG) trailer and boat registrations).  Use of the Park shall be limited to storage of boats on trailers and empty boat trailers only.  Because of the proximity to residential dwellings, the Boat Park and its contents shall be maintained in a neat and clean manner.  A locked gate shall control access to the Boat Park and shall be locked at all times.  HSIA, the Piers and Harbors Chairperson, and Park Administrator shall not be responsible for theft, lost or damaged items.   All items stored at the Boat Park are at the risk of the owner.

The Piers and Harbors Chairperson shall appoint a Park Administrator to supervise the operations of the Boat Park and to enforce the rules and regulations as required.  The Park Administrator shall maintain a current “wait list” of eligible residents wishing to use the Boat Park and shall make assignments as vacancies become available.  The Park Administrator is responsible for issuing control numbers (“spaces”) and keys to the Boat Park to residents who have been assigned a space.  The Park Administrator has the authority to request that a resident who is assigned a space remove any item that does not conform to the rules and regulations.  The Park Administrator has the authority to remove the item in the event that no response or action is taken by the resident within 14 days of being notified by the Park Administrator of the violation.

Eligible Members

Eligible members consist of Hillsmere Shore property owners who are also Hillsmere Shores Improvement Association (HSIA) members. Eligible members may also include renters of Hillsmere Shore properties, only if a letter from the Hillsmere Shore property owner to the HSIA administrator notifies the HSIA that the property owner agrees to assign his/her right.  The renter must also be a HSIA member.

Wait List

  • An eligible resident may be added to the wait list by visiting the Park Administrator station during Come And Get It Day (CAGID) or by notifying the Park Administrator of his/her interest by calling 410-263-4456.
  • The following information must be provided to be added to the wait list: name; address; phone number; and email address.  Contact information must be kept updated so that the Park Administrator can contact eligible members regarding updates in eligibility and wait list information. Wait list membership must be renewed every year at CAGID.  HSIA membership must be maintained to maintain position on the wait list.
  • Positions on the wait list are not transferable.
  • If HSIA dues are not paid by 01 April the position on the wait list is forfeited. In order to be placed on the wait list again, the eligible member must contact the Park Administrator after paying HSIA dues.

Space Assignment

Upon vacancy of a space, payment of the annual fee, and providing required documentation (current Maryland (or USCG) trailer and boat registrations), the Park Administrator shall issue a space and key to the Boat Park to the eligible resident.  The annual fee is set forth below in the Rules and Regulations and is subject to annual adjustments by the Piers and Harbors Chairperson.  The Piers and Harbors Chairperson shall provide residents with assigned spaces a 30-day notice prior to any adjustment in the annual fee, and the notice shall be provided to the email address provided to the Park Administrator or HSIA.  This fee must be paid annually or the resident forfeits his space and will thus no longer be allowed to store anything in the Boat Park.  If a resident forfeits his/her space but later wishes to be assigned a space, that resident must contact the Park Administrator.  That resident may only be assigned a space if there is a vacancy.  If there is no vacancy, then the resident’s name will be placed at the bottom of the wait list according to date of reapplication.


  1. The Boat Park is accessible by key; this is a separate key from the boat ramp key.  The gate shall be locked at all times.
  2. The eligible member assigned a space in the Boat Park must be at least 50% owner of the item(s) being stored at the Boat Park.  Ownership shall be demonstrated, at CAGID or when offered a space, by providing:
    1. A copy of a current Maryland trailer registration; and
    2. (If storing a boat) A copy of a current Maryland boat registration or Coast Guard vessel documentation.

If current trailer and boat registrations are not received, the resident assigned to the space shall forfeit the space at the Boat Park.

  1. If item stored at the Boat Park changes from the item currently registered with the Park Administrator, the resident must provide written notice to the Park Administrator immediately.  If the Park Administrator is not notified of the new item stored and the Park Administrator cannot determine ownership using the process detailed in #12, the item will be removed at the risk and expense of the owner.
  2. The annual fee charged shall be $240.00 per trailer, covering the period from April 1 to the following March 31, in addition to HSIA membership fees, and is subject to adjustment annually.  Current space must be renewed yearly with payment of the annual fee by Come And Get It Day by those renewing a space.  Current space holders must maintain HSIA membership.  If the annual fee is not received and/or the HSIA membership is not maintained, the resident assigned to the space forfeits the space at the Boat Park. Space holders who permanently surrender and vacate assigned spaces and return the Boat Park Key shall be entitled to a refund of $20/month for any full month the space is surrendered and vacated. Space holders assigned a space during the year (between April 1 and March 31) shall pay a fee of $20/month for each month or part of a month the space is assigned.
  3. In the event of forfeiture, the resident surrenders his/her assigned space at the Boat Park.  The Park Administrator will notify the resident of the forfeiture, at which time the resident will have 14 days to remove all items from the space.  If, after 14 days, the item stored is not removed, the trailer and or boat will be removed at the risk and expense of the owner(s).
  4. Maximum length of boat stored at the Boat Park shall not exceed 30 feet.
  5. Boats must be stored on operable/movable trailers.  The Park Administrator or designee has authority to move and adjust spacing of trailers within the Boat Park to maximize space utilization.
  6. Sanding or scraping of bottom paint in the Boat Park is prohibited.
  7. (a) All trailers must be maintained in good working condition and display a Maryland license plate and current registration sticker. Space holders may elect to remove trailer license plates for security reasons provided current license and registration information is on file with HSIA.

(b) All boats shall be maintained in neat, clean and good working condition, and display a current Maryland registration sticker.

(c) Upon notice from the Park Administrator that the boat or trailer is considered to be in a non-working condition or in an advanced state of disrepair, the resident assigned to the space shall have 30 days from the date of the notice to correct the condition or the boat/trailer may be removed at resident’s risk and expense and without further notice.

  1. Space holders who lock their trailers shall, upon request, provide the Park Administrator with a duplicate key or lock combination so that the Park Administrator can move trailers when required.
  2. All boats and trailers must display a HSIA control number in order to identify the resident for contact. The number will be assigned when the item is registered with the Park Administrator.
  3. All boats must be covered or positioned to drain in order to prevent the accumulation of water and debris that promotes the breeding of mosquitoes. Repeated failure to correct standing water in stored boats may result in removal by the Park Administrator of improperly draining covers, or forfeiture of space at the Boat Park.
  4. If ownership of a boat and/or trailer located within the park cannot be established, the Park Administrator will advertise the item in THE SEA BREEZE and THE CAPITAL.  If, after 30 days, ownership cannot be determined, the trailer and/or boat will be removed. If owner(s) is located, they shall be responsible for all expenses incurred.
  5. Residents assigned a space must provide updated contact information with the Park Administrator.
  6. Repeated or gross violation of the above policy and regulations may result in removal of the boat or trailer from the Boat Park without notice to the owner(s).
***End of Boat Park Rules***