Living Shoreline at the Sand Spit

Living Shoreline at the Sand Spit—Concept Plan Design Completed

8/30/2021 – Last month we reported that the HSIA Board of Directors approved a contract with Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. (“ESA”) for a Concept Plan design of a living shoreline at the Sand Spit. This Concept Plan is now completed and has been published in the September 2021 Sea Breeze and here for your review.

The one-page project summary includes a description of shoreline characteristics, a plan view overlayed on an aerial photo, showing proposed stone sills, oyster reef balls, approximately 15,000 square feet of marsh creation, conservation plantings, an observation pier, nutrient reduction calculations, an example photo and a project summary. Please take a few minutes to review this Concept Plan that is packed with information and visuals.

This is a 20% design of a living shoreline plan to be used for informational and educational purposes, and, assuming approval by the HSIA Board, to assist in seeking grant funds for a full design of the living shoreline project. As presently depicted, this plan proposes placing segmented stone sills along 645 feet of the Sand Spit rip rap bulkhead, approximately 40 feet offshore, to create approximately 15,000 square feet of marsh, which will provide new marine habitat and wave attenuation at the Sand Spit. It also proposes placing submerged oyster reef balls near the gaps in the stone sills, a 40 foot observation/educational pier, and conservation plantings along the Sand Spit. At the end of the Sand Spit near the “Dog Beach” and the site of two recent successful Terrapin nestings, a former marsh/beach area shown to exist on 1984 plats would be partially restored.

HSIA hopes to schedule Community Meetings, open to all (pandemic-permitting) to discuss this Concept Plan, answer residents’ questions, and get Community input and feedback. In the meantime, we invite residents of Hillsmere Shores to submit questions about the Living Shoreline Concept Plan using the form in the sidebar. Questions will be answered by representatives of the Piers & Harbors and Environmental/Shoreline Conservation committees, and both questions & answers will be posted below. Please compose questions thoughtfully and respectfully, keeping to the topic of the Living Shoreline Concept Plan.


Examples of a Living Shoreline

Living Shoreline Concept Plan Q&A

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