Rob Levit/iPhone XR/Hillsmere Resident/2020

  • Sandy beach front
  • Newly improved foot path
  • Pavilions with picnic tables
  • Grills
  • Multiple playgrounds for our younger residents
  • Swimming area with nettle protection (when needed)
  • Volleyball court
  • Outdoor shower/rinse station
  • Benches
  • Rain gardens
  • Plenty of open, grassy space (perfect for flying kites!)
  • Little Free Library


Revisions approved by the HSIA Board of Directors on 03/25/2021 (posted 04/06/2021). The following are excerpted from HSIA General Rules & Definitions:

Community Beach

2.19. No fires allowed at the Beach without prior approval of the HSIA Board. Grilling is permitted in grills only.

2.20. No dogs allowed at the Beach or in the bathing area.

2.21. No glass containers allowed at the Beach.

2.22. No large party tents at the Beach.

2.23. The Beach closes at sunset and can be closed anytime by any officer of HSIA or any person designated by the HSIA president. Use of the Beach outside of designated hours must have prior approval of the HSIA Board.

2.24. Residents/Owners are permitted to bring up to eight (8) guests, and must accompany guest(s) at all times. It is the responsibility of residents/owners to ensure guests know and abide by all Beach rules. The HSIA Administrator is authorized to grant additional guest privileges.

2.25. Approval must be obtained from the HSIA Board for any organized group activity at the Beach.

2.26. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior.

2.27. No amplified music allowed. Residents and guest must respect the rights of other people using the Beach and not engage in behavior that is offensive, including excessive noise, abusive or threatening behavior, and obscene language, gestures, or actions. Disorderly or illegal conduct is prohibited.

2.28. Motorized watercraft may not be launched, retrieved, or beached at the Beach.

2.29. No kayaks, canoes, or other non-motorized watercraft may be launched or retrieved at the Beach from November 1 to April 1 in order to protect the migratory tundra swan.

2.30. No interfering with the nettle nets or cables. Do not hang on or stand on nettle nets or cables. Only persons authorized by HSIA Board may lower or raise nettle nets.

2.31. Alcoholic beverages and their consumption are not allowed at the Beach, except with the prior approval of the HSIA Board or its representative, and an Anne Arundel County one-day liquor license must be obtained.

2.32. Vehicles at the Beach must display current HSIA stickers, unless attending an approved event.

2.33 No trailers at the Beach parking lot.

2.34 No fishing and no shell fishing at the Beach.

**** End of Beach Rules ****
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