Piers and Harbors

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Piers & Harbor Facilities

Hillsmere Shores is fortunate to have several community waterfront facilities to enhance residents’ enjoyment of the Chesapeake Bay, the South River, and Duvall Creek. They are:

Main Marina

Located at 133C Bay View Drive East, with 109 slips of varying sizes, including 16 lift slips, and a small beach for launching of kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, and other small craft.

Sunset Drive Boat Ramp

Located at 143 Bay View Drive East, with a 20-foot wide boat ramp, 9 boat slips, and 26 kayak racks.

Beach Drive Boat Ramp

Located at 609 Beach Drive, with a 10-foot wide boat ramp , 6 boat slips, and 54 kayak racks.

Beach Drive Kayak Ramp

Located at 541 Beach Drive, with 52 kayak racks and a launching dock.

Boat Park

Located at 614 Beach Drive, for the storage of up to 48 boat trailers and boats.


All 2024 Piers & Harbor Committee Meetings will be held at the Hillsmere House, located at 119 Great Lake Drive, at 7 PM.
2024 P&H Committee Meeting dates:
January 9
March 12
May 14
July 9
September 10
November 12


CY2024 Piers & Harbors Fees

Welcome Aboard Hillsmere Shores Marina

2020 Marina Reserve Study – Final

2020 Marina Reserve Study – Summary


P&H Committee/ Facilities Rules

The Piers and Harbor (“P&H”) Committee, a committee of the whole open to everyone, and the P&H Chairperson, who is also a member of the HSIA Board of Directors, are responsible for the operation of the P&H facilities. The HSIA Board has established rules and regulations to help make use of the P&H facilities fair and equitable, and a safe, efficient experience for everyone. (Marina Rules, Rack Rules, and Boat Park Rules).

Operations Committee[email protected]

The responsibilities of this committee are oversight and execution of day-to-day operations, and routine maintenance at the Main Dock and the Ramp Docks. 

Racks Committee[email protected]

The responsibilities of this committee are the assignment of rack spaces, the oversight and execution of the day-to-day operations, routine maintenance, and grounds keeping of the racks at both boat ramps and the Kayak Ramp.

Slips Committee[email protected]

The responsibilities of this committee are the assignment of boat to slips at the Main Dock and Ramp Slips and the oversight of the wait lists, movement list, and transient space management.

Annual Assignments/Waiting Lists

While open to all property owners and residents, use of P&H facilities is fee-based, with annual assignments made and/or keys issued for each Boating Year, which runs from April 1 to March 31.

Click to view current Piers & Harbors Fees . 

Click to view the real-time waiting lists for the following: Slips, Racks and the Boat Park.

Note: In order to get on the Slips Waiting List, you must (1) Join HSIA and pay annual dues; and (2) submit a one-time, non-refundable fee of $250. The $250 fee will be applied to your slip rental when you are assigned a slip.

Parking, Guest Passes, Towing

Parking at the Marina and the Boat Ramps is monitored by the HSIA Security patrol and by cameras.  You must have a current Hillsmere sticker or Guest Pass to park at the Marina and the Boat Ramps. Guest Passes for parking are available from the HSIA Administrator. Towing will be enforced for vehicles parked at the Marina or on the Boat Ramps without an HSIA sticker or a Guest Pass. Click here to learn how to obtain guest passes.