Kayak/Dinghy Rack Rules & Regulations

Dinghy/Kayak/Canoe Rack Rules rev-2016


Hillsmere Shores property owners who are also Hillsmere Shores Improvement Association (HSIA)  members are able to store small vessels (dinghy, kayak, canoe) in the HSIA racks subject to availability.   This right of the property owner may be assigned to a renter via a letter from the property owner to the  HSIA administrator notifying the HSIA that the property owner agrees to assign his/her right.  The renter  must also be a HSIA member.  As of 1 Jan 2013 no more than one rack spot may be assigned to any property owner if anyone else is on the waitlist.  Residents who are currently assigned two spots may continue to renew them.

Wait List

  • An eligible resident may be added to the wait list by completing the appropriate form during Come And  Get It Day (CAGID or by notifying the HSIA administrator of his/her interest via email at  [email protected], or by calling 410-263-4456 and choosing Racks at the prompt.
  • The following information must be provided to be added to the wait list: name; address; phone number; email address; rack location preference (Sunset Ramp, Beach Ramp, Beach Drive Pier Area); and type of vessel (if  known).  Contact information must be kept updated so that the HSIA administrator  can contact eligible members regarding updates in eligibility and wait list information.  Wait list membership must be renewed every year at CAGID.  HSIA membership must be maintained to maintain position on the wait list.
  • Positions on the wait list are not transferable.
  • If HSIA dues are not paid by 1 April the position on the wait list is forfeited.  In order to be placed on the wait list again, the eligible member must contact the HSIA administrator.

Rack Assignment  

  •  Vacancies will be identified and assignments offered after CAGID, after the 1 April deadline for renewal, and throughout the year should spots become available.
  •  An appointee of the Piers & Harbor Chairperson will contact members on the wait list to fill the vacancies.
  • Wait list position, rack location preference, and type of vessel will influence which spot is offered to the  wait list member and to which member the spot is offered.
  • Assignment offers (via email or phone) will specify the rack location and the spot number.
  • Acceptance of the offer must be received (via email or phone) within 14 days or the offer is declined.
  • Declining a rack assignment offer maintains position on the wait list.

Rack Assignment Acceptance and Renewal – RULES AND REGULATIONS

  • At the time a rack assignment offer is accepted by an eligible member, the eligible member must have a small vessel to store.  A rack may not be assigned to an eligible member who does not have anything to store.
  • Rack assignment offers are accepted by replying to the email or phone offer within 14 days, confirming  the rack location, spot number and the type of vessel to be stored.
  • Payment for newly accepted rack assignment offers must be received by the HSIA administrator within  30 days of accepting the offer.
  • If payment is not received by the HSIA administrator by the above deadline, the spot is forfeited and the HSIA member will be removed from the waitlist.
  • The yearly rack rental period is from 1 April to 31 March.
  • Residents must continue to store a small vessel in order to maintain a current rack.  In order to allow as many residents as possible with small vessels to enjoy the racks, rented racks should not be kept empty.
  • Kayaks, canoes and dinghies must be turned upside down so retained water will not overload the racks.  No more than 2 small boats may be stored on one rack section, unless prior approval to store 3 small boats is obtained from the Chairperson of Piers & Harbor Committee or designee.  All small boats  should be secured to prevent overturning or displacement in storms; locks may be added by owner if desired.
  • Stored items must not be in an advanced state of disrepair.  Upon notice from the HSIA administrator that the small vessel is considered to be in a non-working condition or in an advanced state of disrepair,  the resident will have 30 days from the date of the notice to correct the condition or the small vessel may be removed at resident’s risk and expense and without further notice.
  • All kayaks, canoes and dinghies must be secured to the rack to avoid damage to the rack or other vessels.  Unsecured vessels may be removed, at the direction of the Chair, Piers and Harbors or a designated representative, to the Community Boat Park and properly secured. The cost of removing and securing the vessel shall be billed to the owner.  Failure to pay or multiple violations will result in forfeiture of the rack space.
  • Current rack assignments can be renewed yearly so long as the resident maintains his/her eligibility.  Current rack assignments must be renewed yearly at CAGID with payment of the annual rack rental fee received by the HSIA administrator by 1 April.  If the resident has not notified the HSIA administrator of the intent to renew at CAGID or if the annual rack rental fee is not received by 1 April, then the spot is forfeited.
  • In the event of forfeiture, the resident surrenders his/her assigned rack.  The rack is then made available to the next eligible member on the waitlist.  If a resident forfeits his/her rack but later wishes to be assigned a space, that resident must contact the HSIA administrator.  The resident may only be assigned a rack if there is a vacancy.  If there is no vacancy, then the resident’s name will be placed at the bottom of the wait list according to date of request.
  • If current rack holders wish to change their rack assignment to a different location, they may submit a request at CAGID or contact the rack committee at [email protected] and it will be considered when rack spaces are assigned.
  • Spots in the rack cannot be subleased.
  • All items stored are at the risk of the owner.

Annual Rack Rental Fees

  •  The annual rack rental fee shall be $50.00 per rack, in addition to HSIA membership fees.
  •  The annual rack rental fee is subject to adjustments by the HSIA Board.  The HSIA administrator shall provide residents with current rack assignments a 30-day notice prior to any adjustment in the annual rack rental fee.  Notice shall be provided to the email address provided to the HSIA administrator.
  • Annual rack rental fees must be paid by 1 April by those renewing a current rack rental.
  • In the case of newly assigned racks, annual rack rental fees must be paid within 30 days from the date of acceptance.