SRF Operation Clearwater – July 2 Report

The good news is that the lack of rain in recent days, means that most of the sites have low bacteria readings. The bad news is that there was a Fish Kill up near Goose Island in the upper river with several dozen fish reported killed. Some harmful to humans algae has been associated with fish kill, so we do not recommend swimming anywhere you see dead fish floating or washed up on the beach.

Readings taken on Monday, July 2nd showed the beach at South River Park continues to remain high somewhat uncharacteristically. Our problem children, Pine Whiff Outfall and the pre-restoration site at Crab Creek are also high. Everyone else had low bacteria readings. Please remember that it is not recommended to rain within 48 hours of a rain event of 1 inch or more.

Feces from geese and dogs, as well as leaky septic tanks are the top contributors to high bacteria results. The acceptable concentration of Enterococci bacteria for swimming and other direct water contact is less than 104 (cfu) colony forming units/100ml. Anne Arundel County has a 48 hour no swimming/recreational guidance of water ways after a rain event.

As always, wear protective footwear, don't swim with an ear infection, ear drum perforation, immunodeficiency disorder or open wound.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July,

Jesse Iliff, South Riverkeeper
South River Federation, Edgewater, MD