Operation Clearwater – Water Quality Report as of 9/2


This is the last week of sampling.

Four locations exhibited were not within the acceptable levels for recreational water activities. These include Hillsmere Beach, Hillsmere Marina, South River Park, and Cadle Creek Beverly. Samples were collected prior to Thursday’s heavy rain, so we predict increased bacteria levels afterwards. Anne Arundel County has a 48 hour no swimming guidance of water ways after a rain event. Rain washes pollutants from the surrounding watershed into the waterways and may increase bacteria levels of the water.

On Wednesday, September 2nd, Arundel Rivers Federation volunteers collected water samples at the locations listed on the chart. All samples were analyzed at a local laboratory. The acceptable concentration of Enterococci bacteria for swimming and other direct water contact is less than 104 (cfu) colony forming units/100ml.

Have a safe and fun weekend,
Jesse Iliff, South, West and Rhode Riverkeeper