Leash Law Reminder & Reporting

This is a friendly reminder that all dogs/cats out on walks, running, playing, etc., must be on a leash at all times in the community. This law applies at the marina, the pool grounds and surrounding open field, as well as the streets in the neighborhood. The Anne Arundel County Law is copied below for reference.

Penalty for Violation: Anyone violating sections of Article 12 may be subject to fines not less than $50.00 and up to $1,000.00.

§ 12-4-905. Animals running at large prohibited.

(a) Scope. This section does not apply to an ear tipped community cat.

(b) Prohibition. A domesticated animal may not be at large. An owner of an animal at large is in violation of this section.

(c) Reporting. A person who is aware of an animal running at large shall report the condition to the Agency by telephone.

(d) Pursuit. An Agency officer or an authorized representative of the Agency may pursue an animal running at large on public property or on the exterior premises of private property.

(e) Exceptions. An animal is not at large for the purposes of this section if: (1) the animal is actively engaged in search and rescue operation training or the sport of hunting or other legal dog sport or competition in authorized areas while supervised by a competent individual; (2) the animal is undergoing supervised training as part of an organized obedience class and the owner of the animal is in possession of written permission to engage in the training on the property from the landowner or the landowner’s agent or lessee; (3) a dog is in a dog exercise area designated by the Anne Arundel County Department of Recreation and Parks as an “off-leash dog park” and is under the supervision of the dog’s owner; or (4) a dog is in a secured dog exercise area designated by the property owner, homeowner’s association, condominium, or cooperative as an “off-leash dog park.”

(f) Exclusions. For the purposes of this section the common area of a homeowner’s association, condominium, or cooperative is not the owner’s property.

The Anne Arundel County Animal Control suggests 2 ways to report animals unleashed or repeat offenders:

1. Call 410-222-8900

2. Fill out an Affidavit Complaint Form