HSIA General Rules & Definitions – Update approved 03/25/2021

HSIA General Rules and Definitions

Approved by HSIA Board, March 25, 2021

1. Definitions

1.1. “Resident” means a person whose permanent legal home is in Hillsmere, as evidenced by Hillsmere Shores property ownership, or leasehold interest or rental agreement in Hillsmere Shores property of no less than 6 months duration. Government-issued ID cards and utility bills showing a Hillsmere Shores address may serve to demonstrate intent of establishing a permanent legal home. “Resident” does not include lodgers, boarders, or temporary renters of Hillsmere Shores property.

1.2. “HSIA Community Property” and facilities includes the Community Beach, Marina and Sand Spit, Boat Ramps, Boat Park, Kayak Ramp, Hillsmere House, and Pool.

1.3. “Community Beach” or “Beach” includes its shoreline, bathing area, pavilions, playgrounds, lawns, and parking lot.

1.4 “HSIA Board” means the Hillsmere Shores Improvement Association Board of Directors.

2. Rules

Public Safety and Roads

2.1. No firearms are to be discharged in Hillsmere Shores. 

2.2. The speed limit on all roads in Hillsmere Shores is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. The speed limit on Hillsmere Drive is posted at 30 miles per hour.

2.3. No overnight parking on Hillsmere Drive.

2.4. No commercial vehicles shall park overnight on Hillsmere Shores roads. Parking of commercial vehicles is permitted on private property.

2.5. It is unlawful to remove stakes marking road curbs or storm water drains for snow removal purposes.

2.6. No snow shall be shoveled onto roads, causing a traffic hazard.

2.7. All bicycles must have proper lights after sundown on roads in Hillsmere Shores.

Residential Lots

2.8. Weeds on any lot in Hillsmere Shores must be cut at least once during the growing season, preferably before going to seed.

2.9. No animals shall be kept on any lot or in any building situated on any lot in numbers which the HSIA Board considers obnoxious to the health, peace and quiet of residents. No ponies, goats, sheep, cows or other farm animals shall be kept or housed on any lot in Hillsmere Shores, except as authorized and licensed under the Anne Arundel County Code.

2.10. Political signs supporting or opposing candidates for public office or ballot questions may be placed on privately owned lots by the property owner or resident for up to 30 days before or 7 days after a public election. The signs must be no greater than 2 by 3 feet or equivalent area. Political signs may not be placed on HSIA Community Property.


2.11. Trash cans must be kept tightly covered with lids at all times.

2.12. Trash cans must be removed from the roadside within 24 hours after collection.

2.13. Builders/contractors must provide trash cans for trash generated by workers at the site.

Community Property

2.14. The use of HSIA Community Property and facilities is restricted to Hillsmere Shores property owners/residents and their accompanied guests only, unless specifically authorized by the HSIA Board. Guests must be accompanied by host owner/resident at all times.

2.15. No signs can be erected on HSIA Community Property without the approval of the HSIA Board, and can only be erected on places designated by the HSIA Board.

2.16. No motorized vehicles on the grass or walkways on HSIA Community Property unless specifically authorized by the HSIA Board.

2.17. No swimming or bathing from HSIA Community Property shorelines after sunset.

2.18. No littering of HSIA Community Property. All trash and debris must be disposed of properly.

Community Beach

2.19. No fires allowed at the Beach without prior approval of the HSIA Board. Grilling is permitted in grills only.  

2.20. No dogs allowed at the Beach or in the bathing area.

2.21. No glass containers allowed at the Beach.

2.22. No large party tents at the Beach.

2.23. The Beach closes at sunset and can be closed anytime by any officer of HSIA or any person designated by the HSIA president. Use of the Beach outside of designated hours must have prior approval of the HSIA Board.

2.24. Residents/Owners are permitted to bring up to eight (8) guests, and must accompany guest(s) at all times. It is the responsibility of residents/owners to ensure guests know and abide by all Beach rules. The HSIA Administrator is authorized to grant additional guest privileges.

2.25. Approval must be obtained from the HSIA Board for any organized group activity at the Beach.

2.26. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior.

2.27. No amplified music allowed. Residents and guest must respect the rights of other people using the Beach and not engage in behavior that is offensive, including excessive noise, abusive or threatening behavior, and obscene language, gestures, or actions. Disorderly or illegal conduct is prohibited.

2.28. Motorized watercraft may not be launched, retrieved, or beached at the Beach.

2.29. No kayaks, canoes, or other non-motorized watercraft may be launched or retrieved at the Beach from November 1 to April 1 in order to protect the migratory tundra swan.

2.30. No interfering with the nettle nets or cables. Do not hang on or stand on nettle nets or cables. Only persons authorized by HSIA Board may lower or raise nettle nets.

2.31. Alcoholic beverages and their consumption are not allowed at the Beach, except with the prior approval of the HSIA Board or its representative, and an Anne Arundel County one-day liquor license must be obtained.

2.32. Vehicles at the Beach must display current HSIA stickers, unless attending an approved event.

2.33 No trailers at the Beach parking lot.

***End of HSIA General Rules & Definitions 3/25/2021***