Hillsmere Watershed Steward Planting Opportunity – Sunday, May 1

Join us for a positive, productive opportunity to make an environmental difference in Hillsmere. As part of the Watershed Steward Academy, we will be planting native grasses and herbaceous plants at 609 Beach Dr., the location of one of Hillsmere’s boat ramps. These plants will help absorb stormwater, demonstrate alternatives to lawn, benefit pollinators and add beauty.

Choose a 9:00AM or 10:00AM time slot. Parking is limited, so if possible, walk or ride your bike. We could make our fellow residents on Beach Dr. happy by not cluttering the street with cars. Why not reduce emissions and get some exercise at the same time!

Please RSVP to environment@hillsmereshores.org

See you on May 1st
Phyllis Saroff, WSA Candidate, Class 13