Hillsmere Pool 2020 Season – COVID-19 related FAQ as of 6/9/20

Hillsmere Pool 2020 – COVID-19 Related FAQs as of 6/9/2020

When will the pool open? We hope sometime around 6/20
• Can I still sign up? Yes, all forms must be postmarked by 6/30
• Can I get a refund for the season? Yes, refunds will be honored through the first week of pool opening. If you request a refund, you cannot sign up later (before deadline expires).
• How many people will be permitted in the pool enclosure at a time? 100
• Can we bring guests? No. Due to lowered number of people at a time, we will not allow guests. If number restrictions lessen later in the season, this could be revised.
• Will the wading pool open? No, at this time restrictions will not allow it to open. That may change during the season.
• Will children with swim diapers be allowed in the main pool? Yes. All children who are not potty trained will be required to wear a fitted swim diaper in the main pool. They will have to be held by parent/guardian – not sitting in floats, etc. We are hopeful that this will work with very few issues. However, if accidents occur, we
may have to limit time of day.
• Will we have to sign up for spots? No, we are moving from a traditional card system to an online system so it will help us track numbers and hopefully will not require any type of sign up.
• Since the season is shortened will we receive a refund? We hope so! Anchor fees are due in full now despite the delayed opening. Towards the end of the season, they will provide us a credit for time that the pool was closed for guard/staff hours. We plan to issue credits to members proportionately.
• Will there be parties? No. Due to limits on members at a time and no guests, Anchor has requested that we not have parties this season.
• Will we be required to wear a mask? Definitely not while in the water. However, current guidelines recommend that you need to wear a mask when in close proximity to others. Guards are required to wear them when in contact with members.
• How will the facility be cleaned to reduce the risk of COVID-19? Guards will have to sanitize the pool enclosure 2x per day. There may be time mid-day, when we are asked to leave the enclosure to allow for cleaning. This is schedule is still being developed. There are other strict guidelines that Anchor will have to adhere to. Additionally, there will be wipes and sanitizer available on-site for members to use.
• I heard the pool furniture will be removed to help reduce the need for cleaning and aid with social distancing, is this true? Mostly yes. We plan to have umbrellas out throughout the enclosure for people to use. We plan to have some seating for those who aren’t able to carry in/out their own chairs, sit on the grass, etc. – such as seniors, pregnant mothers, handicapped patrons, etc. All other members should plan to bring a chair to sit in or a towel to place on grass, etc.
• How will you all maintain that everyone keeps 6ft apart? That’s where we need your help! We need you to talk to your kids (big and small) and explain how this is not a normal season. Don’t share toys with friends, keep your space from others, wipe down surfaces after you use them, etc. We will have marked areas in the grassy area to help with distancing.
• Can we extend the season beyond Labor Day since the pool opened late? This is always a possibility but is dependent upon staff by Anchor Aquatics.
• What will the pool hours be? We are hopeful the hours will not differ from year’s past. The standard hours Saturday – Thursday 11am – 8pm. Friday’s 11-9pm.
• How can I find out about any new rules, information concerning this season? Please check on our Facebook page for updates. Sometimes we will send out emails, but those are less frequent.

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