Operation Clearwater – Water Quality Report as of June 20, 2019

Hello and happy Friday!

We received some precipitation this past week, causing the bacteria levels to go up. Be cautious of any open wounds if you plan to spend your weekend on the South River!

On Wednesday, June 19th, a trained Arundel Rivers Federation volunteer collected water samples at the locations on the chart. The data from Wednesday shows higher bacteria levels, in a range that can be harmful to humans. It looks like we may receive a break from rain this weekend. Enjoy your activities this weekend and stay safe!


Feces from waterfowl and dogs, as well as leaky septic tanks are the top contributors to high bacteria results. A week with more rain will generally cause higher bacteria levels. Rain causes runoff, which can carry the bacteria from feces into the water, causing greater bacteria levels.

Don’t forget, Anne Arundel County has a 48 hour no swimming/recreational guidance of water ways after a rain event.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend,


Jesse Iliff,  South Riverkeeper


Jeff Holland, West/Rhode Riverkeeper