Operation Clearwater – Water Quality report as of 7/2/19

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

We received our bacteria data just in time for the Holiday weekend! On Tuesday, July 2nd, a couple of trained Arundel Rivers Federation volunteers collected water samples at the locations on the chart. Five of our twelve beaches show higher bacteria levels, in a range that can be harmful to humans.

The hot summer weather may have been part of the reason bacteria levels increased this week. Other reasons, such as goose and pet feces, and sewage leaks are also a cause of higher bacteria levels.

Because we only visit sites once a week, we count on you to be our eyes and ears on your Creek. Please let us know if you see or smell anything unusual around your community. The forecast displays rain for the rest of the week and there is a possibility that bacteria levels will continue to rise. Be cautious if you plan to spend your Fourth of July out on the South River.

Do not forget, Anne Arundel County has a 48 hour no swimming/recreational guidance of water ways after a rain event.

Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July,

Jesse Iliff, South Riverkeeper
Jeff Holland, West/Rhode Riverkeeper