Operation Clearwater – Water Quality Report as of 7/10/19

On Wednesday, July 10th, a couple of trained Arundel Rivers Federation volunteers collected water samples at the locations on the chart. It looks to be a good week with lower bacteria levels than last week! We recommend not swimming at Glen Isle or Southdown Shores as the bacteria levels at these beaches can be harmful to humans.

Although the bacteria levels were low on Wednesday, we did receive a large amount of rain Thursday evening. The rain causes runoff that washes bacteria and other pollutants from land into the water. As per Anne Arundel County’s guidance, we highly suggest waiting at least 48 hours after a rain event before enjoying any swimming/recreational activities on the water.

Because we only visit sites once a week, we count on you to be our eyes and ears on your Creek. Please let us know if you see or smell anything unusual around your community. Enjoy the sunny week we have ahead of us and stay safe out on the South River!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend,

Jesse Iliff, South Riverkeeper
Jeff Holland, West/Rhode Riverkeeper

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