Operation Clearwater – Water Quality as of 6/4/19

Hello and Happy Friday!

It seems this week we have gotten a bit of a break from the rain.  This weekend is forecasted to be storm-free until Sunday!
On Wednesday, June 4th, Arundel Rivers Federation staff collected water samples at the locations listed on the chart. From looking at the data, it seems that you’ll be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather at 8/12 beaches (eight had acceptable bacteria levels). However, four beaches, including Glen Isle, Hillsmere Beach, Hillsmere Marina Beach, and Cape Anne Marina, did have high bacteria levels.
Feces from waterfowl and dogs, as well as leaky septic tanks are the top contributors to high bacteria results. We noticed a decent flock of geese (around 30 individuals) swimming nearby Hillsmere Marina last Wednesday, which may have contributed to the bacteria levels. A large amount of goose feces was also observed at the Glen Isle Beach.
Don’t forget, Anne Arundel County has a 48 hour no swimming/recreational guidance of water ways after a rain event. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Sarah (contact info below).
Have a safe and wonderful weekend,
Jesse Iliff,
South Riverkeeper
Jeff Holland,
West/Rhode Riverkeeper


Sarah Giordano

Environmental Scientist

Arundel Rivers Federation

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