HSIA Membership 2018

HSIA Notice – HSIA Building Permit Fee Increase

Please note, as of January 1, 2018, HSIA Building Permit fee is $25.00. If construction is begun without a HSIA permit, the fee is $50.00.

A HSIA Building Permit is the responsibility of the homeowner, not the builder. Every time an Anne Arundel County Building Permit is required, a HSIA Building Permit is required. Permits are required for the construction of new houses, new sheds, additions to houses and/or shed, retaining walls, piers & bulkheads. When in doubt, or, if you have any questions, please contact Dave Miles, HSIA Building Permit Chairman via email, permits@hillsmereshores.net, or voice mail, 420-263-4456.

HSIA General Guidelines BLDG Permit COM

HSIA Standards Issuing Permits

HSIA Membership 2018

Election Results: 2018-2019 HSIA Board of Directors

The results from the 11/9/17 election for our 2018 – 2019 HSIA Board of Directors, in alphabetical order:

Marilyn Carpenter
Robin Clark
David Miles
Ray Sullivan
Teresa Sutherland
Steven Vanderbosch
Mike Waters

Full results with votes per candidate will be printed in the December Sea Breeze.

HSIA Membership 2018

FY2019 Proposed Budgets Available for Review

Hillsmere Property Owners,

The proposed FY2019 budgets for the Special Community Benefit District (SCBD), HSIA General Fund, Pool, and Piers & Harbors are available for your review. These proposed, draft budgets will be presented to the community at the November 9th General Membership meeting.

Hillsmere Shores FY2019-Proposed Special Tax Budget

General Operating Fund Budget FY2019

HSIA Pool – Proposed Budget FY2019

HSIA P&H Draft Proposed FY2019 Budget